ShotSpotter and Data911 Partner to Deliver Real-Time Gunfire Location Alert Analysis Solution to In-Car Mobile Police Systems

Partnership Between Leading Public Safety Technology Solution Providers to Help Patrol Officers Respond Faster and Safer to Gunfire and Reduce Gun Violence

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ShotSpotter, Inc. and Data911 Systems today announced their partnership in delivering real-time, wide-area acoustic surveillance and gunfire location alert and analysis services to Data911 mobile, in-car computer systems to provide patrol officers with the actionable intelligence needed to respond faster and safer to gunfire incidents.

ShotSpotter, the world leader and innovator in gunshot detection and location analysis technology, provides public safety agencies with improved situational intelligence and real-time alerts of gunfire and gunshot incidents that heighten first responder safety and facilitate improved incident management, investigations, and crime analysis and intelligence.

Data911, a leader in mobile computing for 27 years, develops, designs and manufactures rugged in-car computer and digital video systems specifically for the public safety sector. Their suite of products provides a vehicle area network consisting of: in-car, airbag compliant mobile computer systems; in-car cameras with live-streaming video; low-cost license plate recognition; and a cloud-hosted vehicle location service with navigation.

As part of the partnership, ShotSpotter will ensure its gunshot location alert and analysis solution is interoperable with Data911’s mobile computing system to deliver a public safety solution that is fully compatible with approved industry standards. By leveraging Data911’s mobile computing systems, ShotSpotter’s advanced capabilities and features can be available remotely, ensuring that patrol officers respond faster, safer and more accurately to gunfire incidents. ShotSpotter will demonstrate its gunfire location alert analysis solutions on Data911’s mobile platform in ‘Booth 3205’ at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference to be held October 22-26, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois, at McCormick Place West.

“We’re pleased to partner with Data911 to make real-time incident alert data available via their in-car mobile computing systems,” said Ralph A. Clark, President & CEO of ShotSpotter. “The availability of incident data quickly serves as a critical resource for patrol officers, and provides them with the actionable intelligence needed to more precisely respond to illegal gunfire and reduce gun violence in the communities they protect.”

“The reliability and efficiency built into our mobile computers provide a perfect backbone for ShotSpotter’s high-speed data requirements,” said Bret Hubbard, President of Data911. “We too are very pleased to work in partnership with ShotSpotter to leverage the features of our respective technologies to benefit not only the safety and security of the street officer, but to be able to do so while capturing this type of unique intelligence.”

Alerts of crimes-in-progress involving gunfire detected by the ShotSpotter solution will be delivered in real-time to patrol officers in the field directly to Data911 mobile computer systems. ShotSpotter’s service includes qualified alerts which deliver instant review and assessment of gunshot incidents by highly trained gunshot and acoustic experts. That information is quickly delivered to 9-1-1 call-takers, dispatchers and patrol officers who have immediate actionable information to more safely approach and disarm hostile and dangerous situations. According to ShotSpotter data, the alerts also allow 9-1-1 centers, PSAPs, and patrol officers with Data911 mobile computer systems to respond to the estimated 75-85 percent of gunfire cases in which residents do not call 9-1-1.

About ShotSpotter

ShotSpotter Inc. is the world’s leading developer of wide-area acoustic surveillance systems for gunfire and explosive events. Its public safety technology solutions are focused on improving public and community safety by locating gunfire and other explosive events, and ultimately, helping reduce and prevent gun violence and improving intelligence-led policing and community policing initiatives. ShotSpotter solutions protect cities and countries worldwide, enabling police and law enforcement to respond more quickly, safely, precisely and consistently to gunfire, and to aid proactive anti-crime strategies and operations. ShotSpotter possesses a multitude of patents that are the result of nearly two decades of innovation in the area of acoustic gunshot location technology. Information about ShotSpotter can be found at You can also follow ShotSpotter on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Data911

Data911, a family owned company founded in 1984, focuses on providing rugged in-car computer and digital video systems for police, fire, emergency medical, utility trucking, and public transit. Data911’s approach to vehicular computing is built around three key benchmarks: occupant safety, long-term value supported by a unique upgrade path, and long-term predictable support. The products’ modularity allows for better ergonomics and cost-effective upgrading. The rugged, dash-mounted LED touch screen displays are sunlight visible, available in four sizes and can dock with any type of computer. Data911’s integrated solutions—mobile computers, digital video, fleet-wide LPR and cloud-hosted AVL—provide the benefit of a lower long-term cost of ownership as compared to other solutions. For more information, please visit

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