ShotSpotter Explores How Public Safety Agencies Can Build Trust and Confidence with Community Policing Strategies Aided by Public Safety Technology

Leveraging the Intelligence Provided by a Gunfire Location & Analysis Solution to Combat Gang and Gun Violence is a Critical First Step to Community Trust

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ShotSpotter, Inc. recently announced the availability of a public safety industry white paper entitled “Community Policing and the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Solution,” an exploration of how public safety agencies can leverage the ShotSpotter gunfire location solution as a force multiplier and person-to-person policing to combat gang violence, gun violence and gain community trust. Central to building community trust is accurate intelligence and the ability of law enforcement to make use of the information provided by technologies such as the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location & Analysis Solution to enhance policing efforts. ShotSpotter®, the world leader and innovator in wide-area acoustic surveillance and gunshot detection and location technology, provides solutions to public safety agencies in cities and communities worldwide, and helps support the improvement of safety, security and quality of life in communities and neighborhoods.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of trust between police, government public safety agencies and the communities and citizens they protect. The increasing growth of gangs and cartels with organizational effectiveness virtually indistinguishable from paramilitaries; the enormity of black market capital flow; and the threat of terrorists and other global criminals, all conspire to make the need for effective policing and comprehensive public security more acute. However policing agencies can often be challenged by a lack of trust between them and the very people they seek to protect.

In its “Community Policing and the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Solution” white paper, ShotSpotter explores ways in which progressive policing agencies can reach across the chasm and engage with the communities they serve by using a combination of constituent-based, person-to person policing and the ShotSpotter solution among other technologies as a force multiplier to focus their activities. ShotSpotter can enhance a community based policing strategy by providing law enforcement with the intelligence needed to respond faster and more intelligently to gunfire. The timely, consistent and more effective response to gunfire is critical to combating gang violence, and demonstrates to citizens that law enforcement is aware of illegal activity, committed to aggressively addressing the problem, and takes the community’s well-being seriously enough to invest in technology that helps them gain an advantage over gangs.

“Community-based policing is the cornerstone of our strategy,” said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn. “Coupled with our community partnerships and data-driven tactical operations deployments, technologies such as ShotSpotter in combination with our field intelligence, analysis and tactical police operations are essential components of our efforts to fight crime and reduce fear, returning neighborhoods to their residents so they can safely raise their children and pursue the American dream.”

“Without question, gangs are pervasive worldwide and the stronghold they maintain within communities makes it difficult for resource-strapped law enforcement agencies to deal with the steady-rise in gang and gun violence, and serves to erode the trust local citizens have in their police,” said Ralph A. Clark, ShotSpotter CEO and President. “This white paper takes a closer look at this challenge and how ShotSpotter can help law enforcement agencies renew public trust and confidence through enhanced, intelligence-based community policing.”

The ShotSpotter “Community Policing and the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Solution,” white paper is available for download at

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ShotSpotter Inc. is the world’s leading developer of wide-area acoustic surveillance systems for gunfire and explosive events. Its public safety technology solutions are focused on improving public and community safety by locating gunfire and other explosive events, and ultimately, helping reduce and prevent gun violence and improving intelligence-led policing and community policing initiatives. ShotSpotter solutions protect cities and countries worldwide, enabling police and law enforcement to respond more quickly, safely, precisely and consistently to gunfire, and to aid proactive anti-crime strategies and operations. ShotSpotter possesses a multitude of patents that are the result of nearly two decades of innovation in the area of acoustic gunshot location technology. Information about ShotSpotter can be found at You can also follow ShotSpotter on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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