ShotSpotter and Mutualink Team to Provide Integrated Solution for Attacks on Government Facilities

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. & WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ShotSpotter Inc. the leading developer of mission-essential gunshot location systems and Mutualink Inc. a leading provider of multimedia communications interoperability solutions, have teamed-up to provide security and law enforcement agencies with new tools they need to respond quickly, decisively and safely to violent crimes and terrorist attacks at government facilities. With the integrated solution, both acoustic and video surveillance systems can be used to alert and instantly coordinate emergency responses among multiple security and law enforcement organizations.

"The recent attacks at government buildings and military bases underscore that federal facilities remain at risk of violent attacks. Tools like the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) (GLS) can provide immediate alerts and information about the attack to responding security and law enforcement organizations even before the first officers arrive on scene," said Ed Jopeck, vice president of federal programs for ShotSpotter. "Distributing this information across multiple agencies in real-time is essential for coordinating effective responses. We believe that one integrated system, with the capability to transition smoothly from early event detection and assessment to response coordination, will eliminate confusion and reduce response time during an incident - ultimately saving lives in the process."

The combined solution allows agencies automated and ad-hoc sharing of voice, data, and video communications following the detection of gunfire and explosions. Interoperable communications are initiated when the ShotSpotter GLS detects gunfire and other audibly detectable threats. Depending upon where an incident occurs, the incident location is used by the Mutualink system to automatically alert and interconnect a pre-defined group of agencies, allowing them to immediately communicate and share live surveillance information. All voice and video connections are brought together by Mutualink's multimedia resource sharing platform.

"Automated processing of real-time alerts from the ShotSpotter GLS demonstrates the powerful capabilities of our interoperable communications and information sharing framework," said Mutualink CEO Mark Hatten. "Commanders and responders can now receive critical alerts along with situational intelligence from multiple sources to react and respond accordingly. Reaction and response is further enhanced because commanders and responders are all immediately and automatically enabled to communicate over two-way radio, telephone and VOIP."

About ShotSpotter, Inc.

ShotSpotter, Inc. is the leading developer of mission-essential acoustic surveillance systems. Its flagship product, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R)-Stationary Array (GLS-SA), pioneered the use of wide-area acoustic surveillance coupled with audio analytics for public safety, homeland security, and military applications. For over a decade, our customers have relied on ShotSpotter GLS solutions to provide them with accurate event detection and actionable intelligence to aid their development of proactive anti-crime strategies and operations. Currently, ShotSpotter GLS solutions protect many cities and counties nationwide, consistently producing arrests and weapons confiscations. Information about ShotSpotter can be found at For ongoing news, please go to

About Mutualink, Inc.

Mutualink is the industry's pioneer in creating scalable, dynamic peer based interoperability and provides its solution at an industry leading affordable price. Mutualink enables seamless communications between conventional and trunked analog and digital radios, mobile phones and Nextel, and PBX systems, enables real-time streaming video sharing, file sharing and text messaging, making it the most advanced tool for creating a real-time information rich communications environment for first responder and emergency management agencies. Mutualink is a distributed peer based solution with no central servers or switches, providing best of class resilience and true scalability. Mutualink also introduced the industry's first smartphone powered mobile interoperable gateway device, the Smartphone Commander (TM), enabling real-time dispatch with command and control from the field along with two-way video sharing.

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