First Responders Save or Assist 57 Gunshot Victims Using the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) in First Half of 2009

Real-Time Incident Data Credited With Growing Number of Lives Saved

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ShotSpotter, Inc., the world leader in gunshot detection and location systems, today announced that 57 gunshot victims have survived life-threatening wounds this year thanks to the timely aid of first responders relying on accurate incident location data provided by ShotSpotter's GLS technology. ShotSpotter's GLS accurately detects and locates gunshot incidents within seconds and provides information to dispatchers and first responders in real time, increasing the likelihood of saving lives.

ShotSpotter's data on the number of lives saved in the first half of 2009 represents a 138 percent increase from the first half 2008, when 24 victims were aided. The data is based on information from the 45 cities and counties across the United States employing ShotSpotter's GLS technology over a six month period. In some cases, ShotSpotter's GLS data is the only life-saving information first responders receive, and without it, many of these victims would not have survived.

The most recent life saved using ShotSpotter GLS data was a 17-year-old Beloit, Wis., girl who sustained a life-threatening gunshot wound at the hands of an unknown gunman. The Beloit Police Department's ShotSpotter GLS detected and located the incident in real-time, allowing officers and first responders to render aid in minutes. According to Beloit Police Department Deputy Chief Norm Jacobs, the ShotSpotter GLS had patrol units and EMS rolling to the scene almost two minutes before the first telephone call. Had officers not received early notification from the ShotSpotter GLS, "she very well could have died on the street."

"When someone has been shot, you have a limited amount of time in which to respond and save their life," Jacobs said. "By alerting us to the shooting and giving us the exact location, the ShotSpotter GLS helped us react faster and respond with emergency medical treatment for the victim."

"When seconds mean lives, having access to real-time, comprehensive incident and location data is critical," said James G. Beldock, president and CEO of ShotSpotter, Inc. "Many of our customers, including Richmond, Calif. and Rochester, N.Y., were finding victims and potentially saving lives within hours of deploying their ShotSpotter GLS systems. If a shooting victim is unlucky enough to be shot in a city where 9-1-1 reporting is low--often as low as 20 percent or 25 percent of real gunfire rates--getting ShotSpotter GLS incident notifications can literally be a matter of life and death."

Since tracking began in 2005, ShotSpotter's GLS technology has aided in saving the lives of 220 gunshot victims. Much of that success is due in large part to the growing number of GLS deployments nationwide and broad adoption of the technology into police agencies' comprehensive crime-reduction strategies and best practices.

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