Saginaw Becomes First Michigan City to Partner with ShotSpotter

City to Enhance Crime Prevention Strategies, Proactively Target Illegal Gun Crime With ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ShotSpotter, Inc., the leading developer of mission-essential acoustic surveillance systems for law enforcement, homeland security and military, announced today that the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) (GLS) will be used by the Saginaw Police Department and the City of Saginaw as the city's latest tool to target gun crime. The ShotSpotter GLS will detect, locate, and track weapons fire within a one mile coverage area in the city.

A press conference will be held by the Saginaw Police Department at Saginaw City Hall in Council Chambers on Thursday, January 29, at 9 a.m. EST, to discuss deployment of the ShotSpotter GLS in Saginaw.

"The ShotSpotter GLS will provide us with additional critical actionable intelligence and more complete data on gun crime within our community," said Police Chief Gerald H. Cliff. "Using system data, we will be able to enhance anti-crime strategies that are already in place and further reduce gun violence within the community."

"This technology is a vital tool in our arsenal and will play a valuable role in our efforts to combat Saginaw's gun crime," said City Manager Darnell Earley. "The end result will be improved safety for responding officers and the citizens of Saginaw."

The ShotSpotter GLS detects, classifies, locates, and alerts first responders to gun fire and other explosive events in near real-time. Each event is logged into a historical database for strategic and tactical crime analysis that reveals crime trends, patterns, and hot spots within a coverage area. Event data has successfully corroborated and refuted eye witness testimony, established a timeline of events, and been used in crime scene reconstruction. Today 35 cities and counties around the U.S. use ShotSpotter GLS data and analytics to drive intelligence-led policing and targeted tactical anti-crime operations and programs. Customers using the ShotSpotter GLS report a reduction in violent crime rates by at least 30 percent and gunfire rate reductions by as much as 60 to 80 percent.

"Technology is increasingly being relied on to give law enforcement the edge against crime," said Gregg Rowland, senior vice president of ShotSpotter, Inc. "By arming the Saginaw Police Department with previously unavailable gun crime data, the ShotSpotter GLS enables officers to create more targeted crime prevention strategies and allows them to better analyze, monitor and respond to gun-crime trends."

About City of Saginaw

The City of Saginaw, Michigan is a city of approximately 58,000 people and characteristic of many cities in the State of Michigan is struggling through significant economic stress as well as an extraordinary level of gun-related crimes. Troubled by uncharacteristically high rates of violent crime and challenged by scarce law enforcement resources, the quality of life has taken a down turn. Collaborative partnerships with federal and state law enforcement has brought some measure of relief, however, it is not enough to stem the downward trend of the quality of life and perception of safety of those who live and work in the City. The current city administration remains committed to providing whatever potential relief can be found to help alleviate the problem and make life more enjoyable for those living and doing business in the City. It is hoped that by working more efficiently through the use of technology such as the ShotSpotter GLS, scarce law enforcement resources can be better utilized and brought to bear on the problem of gun violence.

About ShotSpotter, Inc.

ShotSpotter, Inc. is the leading developer of mission-essential acoustic surveillance systems. Its flagship product, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) (GLS), has pioneered the use of wide-area acoustic surveillance coupled with audio analytics for public safety, homeland security, and military applications. For over a decade, our customers have relied on the ShotSpotter GLS to provide them with acoustic event awareness and accurate actionable intelligence to aid their development of proactive anti-crime strategies and operations. Currently the ShotSpotter GLS protects many cities and counties nationwide, consistently producing arrests and weapons confiscations. Information about ShotSpotter can be found at For ongoing news, please go to

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