ShotSpotter’s Patrol Management Solution Adds New Reporting Platform to More Effectively Drive Crime Deterrence and Community Engagement

ShotSpotter Missions Renamed ShotSpotter Connect

NEWARK, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ShotSpotter, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI), the leader in solutions that help law enforcement officials identify, locate and deter gun violence, today released a significant upgrade to its patrol management solution – now called ShotSpotter® Connect™ (previously known as ShotSpotter Missions™). The upgrade features a robust new reporting platform that provides law enforcement agency supervisors and command staff comprehensive reporting capabilities that show where their officers have been and what tactics they have employed. This greater visibility helps agency leadership make more informed resource deployment decisions and improve officer accountability to more effectively drive crime deterrence and community engagement.

Using ShotSpotter Connect, agencies can proactively allocate patrol resources to areas of highest risk for crime for a specific shift and connect key activities that correlate with crime reductions. With this upgrade, reports now provide deeper insight into police officer activity, including whether officers visited directed patrol areas and followed the suggested Koper Curve Principle* of 10-16 minutes of patrol time to maximize the deterrent effect. Reports also indicate whether officers used approved tactics.

“ShotSpotter’s innovative approach to risk forecasting and patrol management will help agencies improve their crime deterrence impact and better connect with the communities they serve,” said Sean Malinowski, former Chief of Detectives at LAPD and experienced user of precision policing technology. “The breadth of functionality, ease of use, rich reporting and community trust features are impressive and make ShotSpotter Connect the best tool I’ve ever seen in its class.”

ShotSpotter’s unique Community First approach has three protections in place to help establish impartiality when determining where patrols are conducted. First, the system intelligently meters out where patrol assignments occur and limits their duration to help reduce instances of over-policing. Second, the algorithms that drive patrol recommendations use objective, non-crime data that mitigate potential bias. Third, the system does not use any personally identifiable information to determine where patrols should be assigned. 

“Today’s law enforcement leaders are under budget and community accountability pressures and need precision-policing tools that maximize their resource efficiency,” said Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter. “ShotSpotter Connect’s upgraded reporting platform brings a new level of transparency into patrol officer activities and promotes stronger community engagement. It’s the missing link of insight they’ve never had access to and can make a positive difference in how agencies better serve and protect.”

ShotSpotter implemented a name change from Missions to Connect to better reflect the importance of how the solution connects officers and command staff to key data and insights that can result in more effective and objective patrolling.

About ShotSpotter, Inc.
ShotSpotter (NASDAQ: SSTI) provides acoustic gunshot detection and precision-policing solutions to help law enforcement officials and security personnel prevent and reduce gun violence and make communities, campuses and facilities safer. The company’s flagship product, ShotSpotter® Flex™, is the leading gunshot detection, location and forensic system trusted by over 100 cities. ShotSpotter® Connect™ (previously known as ShotSpotter Missions™) uses artificial intelligence-driven analysis to dynamically direct patrol resources to areas of greatest risk and helps to improve officer accountability and deter crime. ShotSpotter has been designated a Great Place to Work® Company.

* Koper, C. S. (1995). Just enough police presence: reducing crime and disorderly behaviour by optimizing patrol time in crime hot spots. Justice Q, 12(4), 649–672

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