Public Safety Celebrates Recent Lives Saved Thanks to Proactive Police Use of ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System as Mission Essential Tool

Law Enforcement Agencies, City Leaders Embrace ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Systems as Mission Essential Tool for Saving Lives, Reducing Gun Violence


Directly attributed to the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) and quick police work, two Bostonians survived gunshots over the holiday season. In both cases the ShotSpotter GLS alerted police to the incidents, helping to save a 22-year-old Boston man who had been shot in the back outside a Roxbury Bar, and in a separate case, saving a Boston woman pregnant with twins who had been shot twice. Other recent ShotSpotter successes include:

On January 3, police in East Palo Alto, CA were alerted by the city's ShotSpotter GLS to a case of celebratory gunfire that culminated in the confiscation of a shotgun and .357 magnum handgun.

On December 13, Minneapolis officers responded to a ShotSpotter GLS activation that led to the confiscation of three handguns and the arrest of five individuals.

On December 11, Minneapolis' ShotSpotter GLS detected and located a gunfire incident that led police to arrest a 15-year-old boy and confiscate a stolen sawed-off .308 hunting rifle he had fired.

One Year Momentum and Results

Gregg Rowland, ShotSpotter, Inc. senior vice president, attributes these life-saving successes to great police work performed by departments that have fully embraced the ShotSpotter GLS.

"More law enforcement agencies are targeting gun-related violence as the key to reducing overall crime and lawlessness," said Rowland. "We are pleased that our GLS system continues to contribute to police successes. These examples showcase that when combined with good police work, the ShotSpotter GLS greatly contributes to reducing crime, saving lives, and improving overall community safety."

In one year, ShotSpotter has grown to protect 27 cities and 543,548 citizens nationwide from gun violence.

One city that has utilized the ShotSpotter GLS with great success is Minneapolis, MN. According to Lieutenant Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police, the city has experienced a 23 percent drop in killings, an 18 percent drop in robberies and a 10 percent reduction in aggravated assaults, yet neighborhoods covered by the ShotSpotter GLS had larger declines the rest of the city.

"Year to date, ShotSpotter has helped us arrest a dozen people and recover a dozen guns. ShotSpotter is a tool that was used in conjunction with more cops on the street. So we believe that it's been very successful in helping curb community violence," said Lt. Reinhardt. "The bottom line is, if you shoot a gun in Minneapolis, we're going to catch you."

Recent cities to add the ShotSpotter GLS to their arsenal of public safety technologies include: East Palo Alto, CA; Aurora, IL; Springfield, MA; York, PA; San Francisco, CA; and two additional systems to the FBI.

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ShotSpotter is an industry leader in the development of innovative, interoperable net-centric gunshot and sniper detection and location systems for the law enforcement and military markets. The company's focus on ingenuity and technological vision drives its continuing mission to create invaluable solutions that reduce gunfire and gun violence while improving the safety of first responders on the street and soldiers on the front. Currently, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) protects many cities nationwide; consistently producing arrests and weapons confiscations. Its individually-worn sniper detection and location system identifies and tracks friendly military forces providing dismounted forces with real-time situational awareness (SA) to aid in maneuvers, reduce fratricide, add to a mission's common operating picture, and support after-action review. For more information, please visit

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