ShotSpotter Joins the EDGE(TM) Innovation Network to Provide Mission Critical Situational Awareness to the Warfighter


ShotSpotter, Inc. has joined the EDGE(TM) Innovation Network as a technology-level member. Sponsored by General Dynamics C4 Systems, the EDGE is a collaborative consortium of government, academic, and defense industry leaders dedicated to testing new and emerging technologies that improve the survivability and lethality of US warfighters worldwide.

The inclusion of ShotSpotter technologies in the EDGE allows its interoperable net-centric solutions to be considered for integration into future warrior systems. Originally developed as part of ShotSpotter's individually-worn shooter detection and location system, ShotSpotter performs three key functions. First, it locates and classifies enemy small weapons fire. Second, ShotSpotter identifies and tracks friendly military forces, using its integrated Blue Force Tracking (BFT) providing dismounted forces with real-time situational awareness of friendly forces, aiding in maneuvers, reducing fratricide, adding to a mission's common operating picture, and supporting after-action review. Third, ShotSpotter GLS information integrates and provides cross-functionality across military applications and platforms providing an interoperable, Joint network solution.

"We know that the systems and technological advancements we've delivered over the past 12 years in response to the changing tactics of law enforcement agencies which rely on our flagship product, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) (GLS), will prove invaluable to EDGE members," said James G. Beldock, ShotSpotter, Inc. president and CEO. "ShotSpotter's experience dealing with the complexities of urban environment acoustics is unparalleled, and it transfers directly to the needs of our warfighters in MOUT and open terrain activity, resulting in fewer lives lost due to hostile fire and reducing the risk of friendly fire incidents."

Richard Coupland, EDGE Innovation Network director, added, "By aligning the innovations of EDGE members with requests and feedback from warfighters and warfighting programs, we can deliver capabilities quickly that are relevant and responsive. Through its EDGE membership, ShotSpotter will have access to next generation warrior systems that use standard commercial interfaces in an open framework for accessories like enemy fire detection which makes it easier for government and industry to build the capability into warfighting gear."

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Mitch Mitchiner, ShotSpotter's senior vice president of Military and Defense Programs, said, "Shotspotter is the leading provider of gunshot detection and location systems for public safety, where its Gunshot Location Technology provides accurate weapons detection and classification along with the precise location of any shooter. The patented acoustic sensor array coupled with RF networking integrated into wearable sensors can provide counter-sniper capabilities to dismounted squads that have never before been possible. We are delighted that our technology will contribute to saving lives in theater thanks to our involvement with the EDGE."

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ShotSpotter is an industry leader in the development of innovative, interoperable net-centric gunshot and sniper detection and location systems for the law enforcement and military markets. The company's focus on ingenuity and technological vision drives its continuing mission to create invaluable solutions that reduce gunfire and gun violence while improving the safety of first responders on the street and soldiers on the front. Currently, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) protects many cities nationwide; consistently producing arrests and weapons confiscations. Its individually-worn sniper detection and location system identifies and tracks friendly military forces providing dismounted forces with real-time situational awareness (SA) to aid in maneuvers, reduce fratricide, add to a mission's common operating picture, and support after-action review. For more information, please visit

Source: ShotSpotter, Inc.