Baton Rouge to Enhance City's Video Surveillance Project with Gunshot Location System

Mayor, Metro Council to Reduce Gun-Crime with ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R)


The Baton Rouge Metro Council has approved the integration of the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System(R) to enhance the city's existing video surveillance system.

In its initial phase, the ShotSpotter GLS(R) will monitor eight square miles of the City of Baton Rouge for gunfire activity, enhancing the existing and expanding camera and broadband wireless infrastructure. The integration will enable cameras to move and focus on the source of gunfire, and in the absence of camera coverage or 911 reports, the GLS will alert the police department of gunfire activity and collect important forensic information.

Spearheaded by Mayor-President Melvin "Kip" Holden, the project marks Louisiana's first ShotSpotter GLS(R)-camera integration and will allow city law enforcement agencies to better monitor and control areas of known criminal activity.

"I have repeatedly said our city will not be defined by those who choose to commit crimes. The words are backed up by the action we are undertaking to implement cutting-edge technology to deter crime," said Mayor-President Holden. "We want those who would commit crimes to know our city is protected by technology that will assure they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In the event that we do have gunshots fired, it will help our law enforcement agencies respond more quickly, accurately and safely. As our city grows, it is important that we take steps to ensure the safety of our residents."

The ShotSpotter system currently supplies law enforcement agencies in over 20 major US cities with real-time notification of gunfire events including shooter location, whether the shooter is stationary or in-motion, and incident audio. Forensic evidence gathered by the ShotSpotter GLS(R) has been successfully used for arrest and prosecution. In addition, the system has been attributed to reductions in gun-related crime, removing illegal guns from the streets, and saving the lives of citizens wounded by gunfire.

"The ShotSpotter GLS(R) system is an excellent complement to video surveillance and wireless networks that raises police and community safety," said ShotSpotter Director of Eastern Region Sales, Jack Pontious. "When deployed and used to support crime analysis and policing, the ShotSpotter GLS(R) contributes to reductions in violent crime and overall lawless gunfire. We applaud the Baton Rouge city leaders and police department for embracing these best practices in their fight against violent and gun-related crime."

Integration of these technologies will be provided by NetMethods, Inc., ShotSpotter's integration partner in Louisiana. The project is scheduled for completion by year's end.

"We are excited about our partnership with ShotSpotter and the additional value that this partnership brings to our customers," said Mark St. Pierre, President of NetMethods, Inc. "Our wireless network solutions provide an infrastructure that our customers can leverage in many different ways and the ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection and Location System is a great fit, especially when combined with our video surveillance solutions."

NetMethods, Inc. will be co-exhibiting with ShotSpotter in booth #4447 at the 114th Annual IACP Conference and Exposition. Over 17,000 law enforcement professionals will be attending this annual event to examine critical issues and find solutions to local problems by talking with their peer and experts. Additional event information can be found at:

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Located in Mountain View, CA, ShotSpotter, Inc., is the world's leading developer of gunshot detection and location systems and technology. Its flagship product currently protects the citizens of cities nationwide from Los Angeles, CA to Washington DC using a small number of inexpensive and easy-to-deploy sensors to detect and locate gunfire across large urban areas. The company also offers products to law enforcement, homeland security, and military markets.

The company's patented technology has consistently produced arrests and weapons confiscations nationwide and has helped reduce gunfire and crime rates in cities that deploy it. In 2004, its products assisted the FBI and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in identifying the convicted Columbus, Ohio highway sniper.

ShotSpotter was honored in 2000 for its technological vision and leadership, receiving the Computerworld Smithsonian Laureate Award, having been nominated by Microsoft Chairman William H. Gates. Its technology was added to the Smithsonian Museum's permanent collection in honor of the company's achievements.

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NetMethods is a leader in the design and implementation of Municipal Wireless Networks and Video Surveillance Systems. NetMethods has designed and implemented Video Surveillance Systems for the Cities of Baton Rouge LA; Gretna, LA; Corpus Christi, TX; Savannah, GA; and many more. In addition to Video Surveillance, NetMethods wireless network solutions are used for Broadband Network Connectivity, Voice-Over-IP, and Consumer ISP Connectivity.

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